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Babycham Glass - Pirelli Label White & Brown Transfer

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I know there are few threads on here with information on these glasses and ideas around who did what such as bought in by Pirelli from Dartington but then decorated by Vasart. This is the first one I have seen that has a Pirelli label. I had always thought the glasses with the white transfers (of the deer) were yellow transfers that had been in a dishwasher or washed in some way that took the colour out of the yellow ones. This glass however makes me almost conclude that my assumption was wrong - not the first time I've been wrong :) Just adding this here for reference.

Stephen has made a small study of these  and can identify all the blank makers. But it is not possible to id the decorators unless labelled as Showerings used so many decorators but probably less transfer makers. Because of demand multiple decorators could have been used concurrently and while half a dozen, perhaps, are known, many will remain unknown.

Angela B:
Hi Frank,
Which Stephen made a study of these? How can I contact him?
Thanks for your help

Stephen Pollock Hill, Nazeing Glass I suspect



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