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Bagley Frosted Green Whitby Trinket Set

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I bought this Bagley Whitby trinket set today in uranium frosted green complete with pin tray


Is the pin tray uranium; the rest is, but the pin tray looks the wrong colour

Christine the pin tray is uranium and looks the same colour as all the other pieces until you take a picture when it does want to look lighter in colour.


Don't you just love glass colours?! :)  I have the same set in frosted pink awaiting photographing, and the trays are one shade, the candlesticks another and the pots a third! Presume it's variations in batches and thickness differences that cause it?

Roy, that's a crackin' set!  May I add your pics to the GTS site please?  So far we only have pics of a clear green set on there, plus the variant frosted green candleholders. Full credit given, as ever, of course.


You may use any of the pictures I have also sent some more larger pictures direct to you email, forgot to say whit4 is the pin tray.



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