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Two small doppio incalmo pendant lamps


Two doppio incalmo lampshades, of slightly different shape, both with the first incalmo join at the right height for a golfball bulb, and both with the second incalmo join at the rim, which has also been folded in.

They came with very nasty 1990s silver-sprayed fittings, but so did a few lamps of completely different style/quality from the same seller - so these were apparently later additions. I refitted them with much smarter black Bakelite fittings.

The colours on both lamps are quite Venini-ish... but this might be wishful thinking.

Any clues on factory/age?

In my Murano glass book (themes and Variations 1910-70) there is a vase of 'incalmo' technique attributed to Venini &Co designed by Riccardo Licata,mid 1950's,the colour and shape are similar but my knowledge of Murano glass is tiny so ::) ;D ;D

Aye, those - along with 1950s Bianconi - were the items that put me in mind of Venini when I bought these.

Have had Oball production from the 1980s/90s suggested to me as a source of the lamps, but I can't find any any other incalmo with the Oball name attached.


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