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Moulded slab w/ 'GS' monogram / logo - possibly Swedish

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Large (32cm tall) smoke-coloured slab with impressed logo of the letters 'GS' wearing a hat. There are two dots joined to the hat with two lines - not sure if they're the trema of an umlaut... or a pair of cherries.


Unsure whether its use was intended to be architectural, some kind of shop display, a production sample, or something to sit on the sideboard.

Hi, I think the GS refers to the current King and Queen of Sweden - Gustaf and Sybella under a representation of the Swedish crown.

Thanks for taking a look.

I'm not sure - the official monogram for Gustaf and Silvia looks quite different:

And the hat is more Stetson than crown, I think.

On taking a better look you are right.  I only took a cursory glance and it reminded me of an armorial glass I had with the Swedish crown and initials. hence my comment.  Sorry for the bad steer!

A stab in the dark is better than nothing at all, and I had a distracting half-hour reading about the Swedish royal household during my searches.



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