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Moulded slab w/ 'GS' monogram / logo - possibly Swedish

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Have established that it is by Lindshammar... probably a custom job. Bought a couple of other pieces with different monograms and designs.

Hi Pinkspoons,

The GS slab could be a designer monogram for Gösta Sigvard.  He worked for Lindshammar Glasbruk between 1968 and 1980.  The two dots (umlaut) are possibly for the o (ö).  I can’t explain the hat, can’t find any pictures or clear information of him.  I see a lot of tableware and a few signed vases and bowls of his hand.
The slabs are very thick, maybe the other ones are also designer monograms. I'm not familiar with Lindshammar designers, but in that case they could have been used for expositions or presentations of their artwork, maybe they’r one of a kind  ?? 
It’s only a guess hopefully it will help.
I was searching for my signed GS Lindshammar bowl and saw this old post.
Grtz  Kees

This is going back a bit!

I eventually worked out that they were architectural pieces used in dalle-de-verre windows - thick glass slabs suspended in a concrete matrix - popular in the 1960s/70s. So the monogram designs are probably custom jobs that somehow ended up in a glass warehouse in the middle of Copenhagen. We had 10 of the orange 'D' slabs (the last photo), so perhaps they were standard production - along with the other 25 letters of the alphabet we never saw.

The slab with the star-ish design in the second pair of photographs, with two drilled holes, was designed to be a door-pull (sadly sans fittings), and was a standard design retailed under one of Lindshammar's several architectural trade names... 'Glassic', if I recall correctly.


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