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large uranium green vase

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mrs vulture:
Hi,   I've been trying to identify this uranium green vase, very deco in shape, thick and heavy. Its 8 inches tall (20cms). 5 inches (13cms) across top. Quite a simple shape, I like it a lot. It will look lovely full of daffodils in the Spring. The base is completely flat with a lot of wear marks. Been looking hard but I can't find a similar one. Does anyone have any ideas please. Thanks as always  , Cheryl

Schrotter, Sklo Union full info

mrs vulture:
Thank you so much Frank, that must be the quickest answer ever!!!!   Another one for my collection I think,    Cheryl

The question is though is it "uranium green" (which is a misnomer as uranium is a yellow colorant) or green uranium glass. The latter is the only accurate descriptor and only if the vase glows a very bright green under a UV light.

mrs vulture:
Hi, I put the vase under my UV bulb and it does glow, sometimes hard to tell if its just reflecting the light, some glass I have glows an awful lot while others are not so bright like this one.  Did this vase come in uranium green or is my "glow" just the light reflecting through the glass? Cheryl


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