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Milan Vobruda Vase, Holmens Bruk Sweden,1986.


Just delivered a Gusum Sweden vase signed to base Holmens Bruk M Vobruba 86, Gusum , Sweden. I believe it is the Aleppo technique which gives a wonderful rich rough texture. I am very pleased with it as it was very reasonable and a nice addition to my collection. Still has foil label.


flying free:
Adam I like it,very nice.  I like quite a lot of this work.
I've added a link to the site but is it possible to change the title of the thread to read VobroBa with a b before the a at the end, as opposed to a d, just for future searching purposes please?

Bill G:

A small glass studio where father and son create some very interesting, unique vessels and art glass sculptures.

Frankly, the paintings by the father leave a favorable lasting impression with the subject matter, execution and the use of color.

The studio in Gusum is off the major highway between "The Kingdom of Crystal" and Stockholm through Norrkoping

Bill Geary
Västervik, Sweden


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