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Ident help please - wine glass


Mr Blandings:
I hope someone can help!  I am looking for any information about the attached wine glass.    There do not seem to be any marks which might help to identify it.   I have been asked by my employer to see if it is possible to identify the maker & pattern so that replacements can be found.    Any guide to how much the glass might cost to replace would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, Mr B

Paul S.:
hello Mr. B  -  welcome to the GMB.
Unfortunately, your pic isn't blowing up large enough to see the pattern clearly - when re-sizing aim to make the first dimension 700 or slightly less and this should give a reasonable image.        As you can imagine, there have been countless stemware designs during the C20 and finding a match can sometimes be very time consuming, and fruitless on many occasions.
Possibly the largest of the replacement sites is......  (based in the States I believe) -  so suggest you start there and if no luck there are others that might be worth looking at.

The above site will also give an indication of prices when buying individual pieces.         Best of luck. :)

Mr Blandings:
Thank you, Paul S - that is very kind!  I shall try to upload a larger version of the image, and I will try as well.

Best wishes, Mr B


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