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Bo Borgstrom/Aseda or Per Olaf Strom/Alstefors?


Retro Mojo UK:
Hi All,

Just joined up, first post  :)

I see this has been discussed on here before but couldn't find a definitive ending to the discussion, please see image below, would you attribute it to Bo Borgstrom/Aseda or Per Olaf Strom/Alstefors?

I realise this is not opal lined so would steer it away from Alstefors although I, like many others I imagine, use 20thcenturyglass, (Along with books and other resources) and yet I have seen some defamatory remarks on this site slating their attributions?

Many thanks

Hi, welcome to the GMB.  Your vase is definitely Alsterfors, see attached pics with labels.  As for comments about my website, I have to admit I did used to make quite a few mistakes, hopefully most of these have been corrected now, but as always if anyone spots an error I always welcome an email.  ;)

Alsterfors I believe, don't know which designer though. Some of their designs were produced in red cased in clear as well as white/red.

Those comments are likely to be from a few years ago and the site's attributions are much more solid now.


Wayne has just replied but I will add this anyway.

Retro Mojo UK:
Hi Wayne,

Many thanks, I didn't realise you ran this site, I take great faith in your attributions :-)

Thank you as well John, very useful information,



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