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Signature ? on handblown vase


Anne E.B.:
I'm having trouble making out the signature on this vase. Can anyone help please.  It might be identifiable by the style of vase, so I've included an image also.  It has a partially polished/snapped off pontil mark.  The first letter might be G - may be Gavin??  The second name might begin with L or W.
Any help would be appreciated :)

Similar has been on before, second name could be Walker.


Here ya go:,47688.0.html

The William Walker who won the competition Michael Harris instigated at the RCA and who subsequently worked on producing Azurene with MH at IoWSG.

Anne E.B.:
Many thanks John :-*
It is indeed William Walker. His work is well documented on the web and I found a bowl of his with the same random colour pattern on Millers online price guide website.  These vases too Sue (scroll down to no.40)
I would never have made out his name without your help :)


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