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Tamara Aladin Pattern No 1364


Retro Mojo UK:
Hi All,

I have a gorgeous kingfisher blue, cased in clear, tapered chimney vase, very good quality, I am unsure of the maker but have seen an almost identical one described as Riihimaki and designed by Tamara Aladin Pattern No 1364.

The only difference I can spot is that the one I have is slightly thinner walled?


Can you show us the bottom please

Retro Mojo UK:
Bottom attached :)

First of all, #1364 is not a known Tamara Aladin design but one of the large export range sold anonymously. This item is not 1364 which tapers gradually straight up.
I don't know but would be a little suspicious because of the colour and seemingly no wear to the base.

Retro Mojo UK:
Hi PX,

Many thanks for the info  :)


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