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mystery vase

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First time user
I bought this vase from a large glass fair in the uk some time ago.
It was bought on the understanding that it might not be quite right.
It is 285 mm high and 185 mm dia and is engraved on the base,
riihimaen lasi oy finland.
I have a small amount of riihimaki info but have never seen this pattern.
Any ideas?

Anik R:
Hello Essi, and welcome to the GMB.  :)

Your vase is not Finnish, but Czechoslovakian.  It was designed by Pavel Panek in 1972 for Libochovice glassworks, pattern 3469.  Someone a little-less-than-honest must have engraved the base.

You can find the vase in the 1974 Sklo Union catalogue here.


Thanks very much for your speedy reply anik,in three years of looking i could not find it.
have allways enjoyed the vase and is still on top of the display cabinet.
once again thank you.

After a very good responce from anik r (complete with catalogue pictures) all seemed well.
today at an antique fair a Friend of mine was selling this vase.
At first it struck me as remarkably similar but for a few points.
1. the base of the piece is not round. has a ground and polished pontil mark.
3.the blown out bubble features do not continue up the neck.
Is it an earlier or later model from the same czech factory or something else?
Any thoughts.
p.s. sorry for the bad photo.

Not sure who to address this to ,is it one of the moderaters.
can i put this enquiry into the  czech section and maybe re title it as czech mystery vase .
thank you


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