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RD 791447? [aka Libochovice #1479] – registration details, please?


A pressed glass bowl standing on four rectangular feet. 8½ inches top rim diameter x 5½ inches high. According to the owner, one of the feet bears the raised RD number 791447.

RD 791447 not listed on

(I’ve checked with the owner in case the number was mis-read, - because RD 790447 was registered by Jules Lang & Son on 17 February 1934 - but they insist the number is indeed 791447. )

Can anyone tell be me if RD 791447 is in the Blue Book? If so, can they let me have the registrant and date of registration, please.

I knew that many of the ‘missing’ glass RD numbers on belonged to importers or agents (Hoskins, Rose & Co., and Jules Lang & Son, for example), and sure enough, this particular piece appears in the pre-1958 Libochovice catalogue as pattern no. 1479 (ref. Marcus Newhall’s Sklo Union CD-ROM catalogues).

(Permission for the re-use of this image on GMB granted by 15conny).

How interesting, Fred. It looks like a variant of the pattern registered under RD 786706 (Hoskins Rose, 1933) and which I have examples of on the GTS site as the 147x series: - the differences being the shape of the feet and the curled handle-type things on the one above. 

RD 791447 isn't in the Blue Book, by the way. Could you add a copy of the pic above to the RD album please? :)

Oh and as this doesn't really belong in British Glass, I'll move it over to Czech for you.


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