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Walther Rare Blue Pierette clock and candlesticks for sale

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For sale
Rare blue frosted Pierette clock and matching candlesticks for sale.
Please contact me for details if interested.

Hi there

I might be the least person you would like to deal with, but if you change your mind, then yes, I'm interested...cheers..Brenton ;)

I would too if you would post to Australia , it is one clock i dont have , I only have mainly one offs so i cant swap anything , i have a few of the things you want but i dont think i would ever get them again so couldnt swap , Thanks REX

I am just in the process of waiting to hear back from someone first then I will let you know Rex.
I have got to the point now that no-one has anything they want to swap even if they had 2 of them so given up trying.
I am more likely to find the pieces I want in the antique shops and centres that I visit and I am moving down to the south coast next year where lots of it is available down there anyway....that is where I found the blue Viktoria.

Hi again
I am still waiting to hear back from a collector.
If they aren't interested then I will list it as a buy it now.


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