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Walther Rare Blue Pierette clock and candlesticks for sale

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Hi guys
Never heard back from the guy that was interested so guess he changed his mind...I wanted to give him first refusal as he was after the clock for so long.
I am wanting 1,200 for the clock and candlesticks.I would also consider consider a part swap aswell if that would sweeten the pot?
The original deal I was going to do with the collector was part cash and a pink Viktoria but never heard back as I say so thta's why I am putting it on here.
Cheers Nige

Had an offer now so clock is now sold.
Cheers Nige

John Smith:
Thank you for this post. I have this same clock in green and was unsure what it was called.

Hi John.

This is a rare clock, and just asking, are you selling it?


John Smith:
Hi rosecottagesales, It is indeed a wonderful piece. What price would you be offering?
Though I would much prefer to swap... What have you?
I am not used to this kind of thing and am also new to this site so please forgive me. John


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