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Lovely green & metal two tier flower bowl centrepiece - Is it Bagley?


I think that this piece is pretty rare/scarce as I have never seen another nor have I found one looking around the net. I am assuming that it was made by Bagley, but, I have assumed wrongly many times before.

It measures a total of 23cm at its tallest and 23cm at its widest. I think that the metal is simply chromed.

Any help as always much appreciated.

Definitely, though it's unusual to find a combination piece. I think I saw a three-tier one once. It's a Quebec candle bloom flower trough (not very common) with a large circular bloom trough (not such a common size). These sets were put together by the metal basher. The leafy metalwork is pretty common on post-war Bagley stuff, though not perhaps exclusive.

Thanks again Lustrous. it is a very pretty piece and it makes a change to see one that makes a bit of a statement.


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