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Bohemian I think ????

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Roger H:
Aquired this recently and I really think it is lovely. 
   Believe its bohemian but cant decide on a decade, diameter is 2.80 inches and I call it a crown!!!  Regards, Roger Harry, in case you ever wondered what the H was for.


I think it is a 'marquee'  or 'festoon' rather than a crown, but whatever....regarding age, I suspect mid / late 20th century Czech Republic (so still 'Boho' in some ways).


Roger H:
I wondered if somebody might think it was around that age, perhaps because of the clarity. Thank you, Roger.

To me it looks like it may be from Portugal rather than Bohemian.  Compare to another Portuguese weight:

Roger H:
Hi Alan, does the base look similar could you say? I can see the similarity of design but have you seen ribbons like my weight in portugese weights?
I'll have a look on your website now.
      Regards Roger


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