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Bohemian I think ????

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No, the Portuguese weight has a clear ground and simpler ribbons.  I was just trying to suggest another source to explore.   

Roger H:
Thank you gentlemen for your observations. Any relationship to this one do you think? Roger.

Doubt it. The theory on these is that they were likely made at Pilkington's  in St Helen's. I have a small collection, all acquired within 15 miles of St Helen's (and there have been one or two others I haven't bought because the sellers wanted more than I wanted to pay). This search shows them along with an interloper

Roger H:
Christine,thank you for the input. looks like they could both be 1960s Czeck/Bohemian but one from europe and one from the pilkington range. The UV light shows different colours.
      I also had at one time a very well made flower and pot from pilkington as per photo.       Roger.


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