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Skrdlovice bargains on ebay


Anik R:

I've got two beautiful 50s Skrdlovice ashtrays listed on ebay for a starting price of 1.
Rudolf Beranek lobed ashtray 5464
Jaroslav Beranek topaz and green ashtray 5476

Thank you for looking.

Are you sure you won't need them yourself if you start on the electric fags?  ;)
I'm finding I need at least one ashtray in every room because I can use it anywhere, but it's too heavy to just leave in your mouth or clamped between your teeth - you need somewhere to put them down!

I'm positive ashtrays, especially good ones, are going to become popular/useful again because of the rise of electric cigarettes. According to stuff I was reading on the web about them (American site, pro electric ciggies) 3% of smokers had converted last year, 7% this year.
They work, far better than any other sort of replacement.

Anik R:
Or for the more romantically inclined, the ashtrays work well as 'sexy' tealight holders.  ;)


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