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GTS Mystery Set 04 – more pieces to aid trinket set ID.

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GTS Mystery Set 04 – more pieces to aid trinket set ID.

Photos from 2 different sources (so presumably no mismatched pieces) of green pressed glass trinket sets with lidded pots in accord with those of Anne’s GTS Mystery Set 04

Now lidded pots in 2 sizes, candlesticks, distinctive tray, and ringholder. The inside edge of the tray is marked ‘Czechoslovakia’ in raised letters.

Any ideas about ID now, please?

 (Permission for the re-use of photo 1 on GMB granted by velvetbraid, and of photos 2 to 4 by gems-and-jades).

Photos of candlesticks and lidded pot in amber glass (hopefully showing candlesticks in more detail).

(Permission for the re-use of these images on GMB granted by Marion Bright).

Pamela has a very similar tray on her site attributed to Stolzle with a decanter and glasses set.

The Marcus Newall Catalogue/CD has pattern number 19151 Tray 29 x 11cm and 19403 for the drinks tray 29 x 16cm.

Well spotted, Jayne!

A shame that the candlesticks and pots don't appear to be in the catalogue.


Indeed, also the candlesticks are listed on GTS as Mystery Set 37.


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