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Request for help with three paperweights

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Can anyone help to identify these three paperweights. What is their name, edition size and rough market value. They all have the H cane which I have raed about in the excellent Ysartglass site. These are part of an inheritance and have really captured my interest.

Here are the close ups and bases. The bases did not reproduce too well. Hope they make sense to you.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the compliment, I would like to add these three to the H page - could you let me have the originals of the last three shots please.

Hi Paul,

Paul Ysart never made editions. Each paperweight was individual in respect of the canes and lampwork although the same overall pattern was used many times.

There were catalogue names for the 1970s items (Harland / Paul Ysart Paper Weights & Highland Paper Weights). However, the only details I know of are those shown in the Ysart Glass book as reproductions of a 1975 catalogue. This showed that the names were basic and essentially described the design as seen, such as:
- "Dark Butterfly" for one like yours, with a spaced garland of canes around a lampwork butterfly set on a plain dark blue ground.
- "Flower Latticnio" which was similar to yours but had an alternating colour and white twist setup rather than two forms fo white twists.
- "Heart", for the basic heart pattern weight just like yours.

At first sight, some folk might say the Heart wieght in the catalogue is exactly the same as yours, including the canes. But yours has fourteen canes making up the heart, whereas the catalogue image shows one with eighteen canes and these are of a different structure and colour to yours. It was that sort of difference that made Paul Ysart weights individual.

What are the sizes of the weights (diameter and height)? Generally, a 3inch diameter weight will have a higher value than, say, a 2 5/8 inch or a 2 3/4 inch one. But some designs (like a flower or butterfly in stave basket) will often have a higher market value than a more basic pattern, even if it is a slightly smaller weight.

Simone may well be right about the general market price, but personally I would be happy to pay more for a "flower latticinio" than a "heart" or "dark butterfly" weight :D

Thanks to all for the input. Hi res versions can be found at the following URLs. I will leave them there for a few days. You can download them into your browser to view and for re-use in the ysartglass website. Please let me know when you are finished with them. I have taken a better view of the flower weight on a dark background.


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