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Is this bowl Monart

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I'm sort of hoping it is as it will be my first bit however the base seems to be wrong.

What do you think?

Not Monart, I don't think - but I'm sure it's something else from a similar vein. I'd be looking towards Nazeing, Grey-Stan, or perhaps even Schneider... i don't think it's Scottish.

I agree with the Sue, not Monart the colour scheme does not look right for Monart and the base is not what you would except on a Monart applied foot. Though thre is a shape (AI) in the Monart Catalogue very like your bowl.

Oh well, I will have to keep looking for my first piece of monart, but if any of those other suggestions turn out correct I'll not be  too unhappy  :)

Here is another pic. I'is a lot whiter on the outside.



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