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Id Webb scale pattern vase please.

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Hi, I'm new to glass & need pointers on how to research pieces. This vase has a purple base with the balance being clear. It stands 24cm & has a scale pattern on the body. From the mark, it is Webb 1950-1966. Any added info would be appreciated, in the meantime I'll research how to clean glass!

flying free:
Hi and welcome to the board :)
I can't help with your decanter but hopefully someone will be along soon who maybe able to help more.
I would describe your decanter as honeycomb pattern or dimples?  , it's very pretty.
I'm not sure how you go about cleaning it if it is water damage but there is information on the board if you use the search button.
Should your carafe have had a stopper?  is the neck ground inside to take a stopper? 

nigel benson:

Firstly, welcome to the board.

This is Webb's 'Fir Cone' pattern.


Paul S.:
Hope Nigel won't object if I just add that................ there is a small and not very clear example of a wine/hock, in this pattern, showing in Charles Hajdamach's '20th Century British Glass' - page's the blue piece showing in the top left corner. The book page reproduces a copy of a page from a Thomas Webb catalogue stamped 'Overseas Edition' dated 1927 - 28.
Fir Cone appears to be Webb's pattern 27440 and dates to 1903.

Assuming this to be a carafe, then presumably there won't be a stopper.          For decanters and carafes I'd suggest copper balls - this piece doesn't look heavily stained, so you're lucky - metal polish might help.

I thought initially that there were two separate pieces here - the red background suggested a different piece from the clear example.        Hope you won't mind if I comment that pix for clear glass should be chosen with more care - and a black or charcoal background is probably best.

Nice piece  -  I'd have thought quite rare.   I'm quite green. :)

Paul S.:
sorry, forgot my manners in all that excitement...........welcome to the GMB :)


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