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Id Webb scale pattern vase please.

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flying free:
Does it have a coloured foot though? or is that just the picture?  if so it would be nice to see it against an all white background to see the shape etc.
If not, then please ignore me  ;D

Shows in the 1930 catalogue with stopper. In half pint, one pint and quart sizes.

Paul S.:
think I can now see stopper wear in pic No. 2  -  so perhaps a decanter and not carafe?? :)

Thanks for the welcome & the information. Sorry for the slow response. The foot is purple, & 2cm down from the top of the neck I can feel a slight change of angle now that I know it's a decanter rather than a vase! I will strive for better pics next time.
I found out that my local antique dealer had donated this item to the op shop where I bought it for $3(2 pounds). He believes the cloudy appearance is etched into the glass & couldn't see the value in trying to clean it. I've got nothing to lose & lots to learn by giving it a go.
Thanks again.

nigel benson:
Hello again,

Given all the comments and your last reply Paul from Oz, the stopper should match the colour of the foot and have the same moulded finish as the body of the decanter, although generally less pronouced.  This would date it to c1930 - the plain ones being earlier in my experience.



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