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Wedgwood Duck

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Wedgwood duck signed to base 7" - wondered about date?


Hi Adam,
This will be around 1970 or slightly later,  I am sure Wayne will be able to give you a more accurate date, his website gives a great deal of information on the history of Wedgwood as does Thistleblower.
Rosie.  :)

Hi, this is model RSW232 or SG232 I believe - the RSW standing for Ronald Stennett Willson, the designer, of course.  The Wedgwood England sand blasted mark was introduced in 1971 after the representation of the Portland Vase was dropped.  It was maintained until Wedgwood Glass closed, so anytime from late 1971 to the end of the century I am afraid.  They made a lot of ducks - a bit like English batsmen!

Hi Neil,  I always thought they stopped making the ducks in 1989??  Now where did I get that info from?   I will have to check through my info to see what made me think that.

I'm glad you mentioned the removal of the Portland vase though, because I was chatting to a friend a couple of months ago and mentioned a piece he had bought must have been pre 1970 because it had the acid etched vase on the base....Whew, glad I got that right!!

Hi Rosie, you are quite right of course.  Wedgwood sold Wedgwood Glass to Caithness in 1988 so no "Wedgwood" ducks were made after that date.  The Portland Vase mark was actually sand blasted I believe, rather than acid etched.  This was for safety reasons.


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