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Wedgwood Duck

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Thanks for that clarification Paul,  I always wondered why the Wedgwood England mark was so I know.  :) 
I well remember an eBay listing where the seller had described it as Maker Unknown but with WEDGWIXXI) ENGLAND on the base!  I wrote and explained that it said Wedgwood,  but they would not believe me until I sent a picture of the type of 'stencil writing' on the side of a Tea Chest, then they wrote back and thanked me profusely....then listed it as WEDGEWOOD!!!

Aggggghhhhh!!! :o

Why do they put an 'E' in the middle for heavens sake?? ::)

Carolyn Preston:
Because that is how it is pronounced, even if that is not how it is spelled. They are simply following the normal English spelling rules. Don't realize it is one of the thousands of exceptions.



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