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Foil 'JS'/'SJ' label on Art Deco Czech glass - glassworks ID, please?

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Can anyone identify the Czech glassworks who marked their wares with this foil 'JS'/''SJ' label, please ?

Probably dates from the 1930s.   

Hi, it could be the designer's initials rather than the glass house if it preceded the second world war.  Any chance of getting a picture of the object?

Could be the importer

The label appears on the underside of a perfume atomiser bottle and a perfume flask from a (presumably crystal) trinket/vanity set trio. No markings on the atomiser head.

Iíll be posting photos of the whole trio on the glass trinket sets section shortly, but thought that I would try to get an ID of the label from GMB Czech-glass section first.

(In my first post, Iíve inadvertently omitted to credit the photo of the label to Patrick Sturkyn).

Josef Schussheim & Co.  Leipzig, Saxony - Refinery/decorator 1922 on

Jšckel & Schwuchow, Arndtstr. 6.   Leipzig, Saxony - Refinery/decorator active c1925

Josef Schuster & Co. Nurnberg less likely as the did advertising stuff and their label included ampersand.


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