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Foil 'JS'/'SJ' label on Art Deco Czech glass - glassworks ID, please?

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Wrong country Frank

Not really, country on label is where the glass was made, decorator might have had an office in Cz too but not a lot of point as only 160 or so km from glassmakers in northern cz

Anyway the JS is exact match for first one above in Hartmann.

Just a thought, they could be cz based just maintaining a showroom in Leipzig to be near the Messe. Hartmann source is Glasindustrie 1933 mine is 1925 but they are not listed there. Without more detail we cannot be certain but label is definitely Josef Schussheim's and not the other 2 I gave. He seems to have vanished in 1938 but may have managed to get to UK and/or US.


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