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Amber glass trinket set with ‘winged tulip’ candlesticks - ID, please?


An amber pressed glass trinket set comprising tray, pair of candlesticks, 3 lidded pots, and a pin dish.

The tray is heavily ribbed and very distinctive in outline and decoration.  The short candle sticks have bases with twisted, wide ribs, and the candleholder cup is rather like a tulip flower with the addition of small ‘angel wings’ on each side. The lidded pots (one large plus 2 small) have bodies with twisted ribs matching the candlestick bases, and a lid finial in the form of a distinctive crescent-shaped crest extending from the edge of the lid to just over half way across. The pin dish is a miniature version of the tray.

ID’s, comments or suggestions, please?

(Permission from the re-use of this image on GMB granted by ukmisty).

I also have photos of a similar set in a pretty blue colour which I will post at the end of its ebay auction listing.

Does anyone have photos of similar sets or pieces in other colours, or of a ringholder in the same pattern, to share, please?

Photos of a blue set in the same pattern.

(Permission for the re-use of this image on GMB granted by nellymoser9).


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