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Decanter with Chrome Decoration. ID please.


Hi All,

This piece is heavy and well made, the based is polished.
It is not signed or marked at all.

Click either photo to enlarge.

Any ideas? :)  :)

Totally Mystified Della & not seen anything quite like it.
It reminds me of this portable bar of Terry's The alluminium metalware is marked "Made in Japan"
but I don't think they are related as the glass quality of yours is much better.


--- Quote from: "Peter" ---Totally Mystified Della & not seen anything quite like it.
--- End quote ---

Me neither Peter. I have googled until I am dizzy.
As for the kind of metal used for decoration, I haven't got a clue. My knowledge of metal is as good as Nic's is of wood types. :oops:  :oops:

The whole decanter weighs 1.21kg and the stopper on its own is 174g.
The bit of the stopper that fits into the decanter is also metal casing on the glass. The decanter does have 2 mold lines, diagonally, although they are not visible on the body, only on the neck.

It definetely is a 'love' of 'hate' piece and whilst I am not normally attracted to green glass, this caught my eye.

The stopper cap looks aluminium to me.
The Germans made much use of alumnium in the 30s / 40s where we would normally expect to find different metals / materials.

Can you hazard a guess as to how the metal is attached to the glass ?

Well, whatever the metal is, it is non magnetic.

As to age, I really don't know, but the stopper has been in and out of the decanter more than a few times. OH says that it is definitely not aluminium as it is not soft enough and there is one teeny tiny spot of rust. He thinks that it is stainless steel.  :?


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