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Identification of Glass & Silver Cylindrical Object

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I'm new to collecting - purchased this object and would like help in identifying  it's purpose, origin / date of manufacture and approximate value.
It appears to be made of silver with blue glass cylinder, it is hollow on the inside (that is glass tube is hollow)
One end opens and is attached by a chain to an eyelet on the body.
Dimensions are approximately 10" long by 1 1/2" in diameter.
An incense holder has been suggested as the function.
No maker's marks.  Any help would be appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the board. :)

I'm wondering if what you have is a needlecase which would be hung from a chatelaine belt?

What do other members think?

Very long needles...

Hah! I missed the length, Christine. :)  Knitting needles then??? :P

Paul S.:
Assuming this piece is without any hallmarks, then the metalwork may equally be a base metal rather than silver.    Try using some CIF/Brasso/silver polish or similar on some cloth, rub gently on the metal, and if the resulting marks are black then yes, you do have silver.       If no black then it almost certainly lacks quality and is probably modern.       I'd agree that 10" hanging off the belt does seem a bit long.         Test the chain as well.        Almost certainly not an incense burner in view of the lack of exit holes for the fumes. ;D


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