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Is this a Stölzle Hermanova trinket ‘set’ matching their 187.. / 188.. range?

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A deep amber ‘set’, similar individual pieces of which I’ve already posted on GMB for ID. (Permission for the re-use of the image on GMB granted by rudifaneker).

Pamela identified the angular ridged candlesticks as probably matching the Stölzle Hermanova 187../188.. range. The candlesticks were also shown in green.

I posted photos of the lidded pots in amber and green, but no-one ID’d them as Stölzle Hermanova, though there is a strong resemblance to the 187xx  bowls.

I also have a photo of a similar tray in pale pink. (Permission for the re-use of the image on GMB granted by Jem Botticelli) .

Looking again at the pre-1958 Hermanova catalogue on Marcus Newhall’s Sklo Union CD-ROM, I think that the lidded pots could certainly match some of the 187../188.. range pieces, and there is no doubt in my mind that the alternating stippled and plain ridged panels on the lidded pots and the tray make a good match.

So, should this be regarded as a true set (Stölzle Hermanova or otherwise), or just some fortuitous mismatches mixed with misplaced optimism?

Opinions (or even photos of similar ‘sets’ in corroboration), please?

I have this set in green, and it is labelled 'ME - British Made'. Unfortunately, I've never been able to work out how to post photos here, but here is a link to a Picasa Album showing the set:


Interesting. Is it uranium glass or just green?

It is uranium, but glows a muted yellowish green colour.


No, it's not uranium. Uranium glows bright green, not a muted yellowish (that's caused by manganese in the glass).


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