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Is this a Stölzle Hermanova trinket ‘set’ matching their 187.. / 188.. range?

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Thank you for the link to your nice clear photos, Natalie. I'm sure that if you contact a moderator (particularly Anne) they will guide you through posting some of the photos on GMB as permanent references.

The photos certainly confirm that the pieces in my first post are really part of a  true 'set', that the lidded pots from the set come in at least two sizes, and that there are at least three colourways (amber, pink, and now green).

The label is a great bonus as a potential identifier, too. The main mystery now is who used this label - I can't recall ever having seen it before.

Pamela pretty much ID'd the candlesticks as Stolzle here:,49310.0.html
I do agree they are completely like the Stolzle ribbed range of items.

exislegirl's amazing green set with ME labels (which appear to say "British Made") add confusion to the mix. I suppose it's possible wrong labels were attached?
There are other ME labels, one in particular on this Stolzle Hermanova Hut vase of Pamela's which says ME Czechoslovakia.


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