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Perthshire or Whitefriars Ink Bottle? ID = Degenhart, Crystal Art Company, Ohio

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I would not rule out immigrant European workers making this item in one of the many US Mid West glass factories in the late 1800s - mid 1900s.  I have seen fairly similar design paperweights from that region.


This is made by John or Charles Degenhart of Crystal Art Glass Company, Cambridge, Ohio (USA).  The style is distinctive with a name or saying on a white plaque with four icepick flowers near the edges of the plaque.  Sometimes there is a frit ground layer at the same level as the plaque.  Most had a distinctive blue outline at the border of the plaque.  John made paperweights from about 1946-1964 and they could be ordered and personalized with any name or saying desired.  Gearshift knobs were also made in this style.  Bottles were somewhat rarer. 

Read about the Degenharts at:

See the example below:

Sorted without dout that is what it is im learning something new every day Thankyou very much ;)


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