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Perthshire or Whitefriars Ink Bottle? ID = Degenhart, Crystal Art Company, Ohio

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In the first picture the stopper break looks to be at 45 degrees  or is that an effect of the design? But in the later another break appears to be horizontal and below the widest part. In that picture the 45 degree feature looks to be separating a different colour of glass. Can you clarify... just puzzled

In the 3rd picture there appears to be a word, something like Millenium?  If so, is modern Chinese an option?

You did not read the text  ;)

--- Quote ---william too mother
--- End quote ---

too or to?  If it is too, doesn't that suggest someone who doesn't have English as their first language?

 :) Here goes try again English first language spelling bottom of class.
The stopper has been broken in two maybe three parts and appears to be held together with an animal type glue which is darkish brown colour.It weighs 1.6kg and reads william to mother inside.
The bottle inside is only 7cm deep, Although the bottle is 14cm tall. The rest is just a solid block of glass firstly containing a crystalized layer of yellow chips of glass and frothy bubbles. Then a plate of white glass? with the wording and folliage in green lying on a bed of multi coloured glass pieces then a space of 2cm and a layer of what appears to be ruby glass droplets.
Please note the wear on the base must be at least victorian reminds me of victorian glass dumps, Hope this helps.


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