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Angela B:
For the best part of the past ten years I have been interviewing people and collecting information about three very special lampworking operations in London during the 2nd half of the 20th century. They were Bimini-Orplid, Pirelli, and Komaromy. This year it is all coming together and I hope to be ready to publish it within a few months.
The other part of the story is that I invested in a super new camera (a Nikon digital SLR) and started taking the pictures for my book.

And that's where the inspiration for the Pirelli Glass Calendar came from.
In my view it is very important for collectors to have accurate information for identification. And for each of my London Lampworkers there is a fair amount of inaccurate information being passed on. So this year's Pirelli Glass Calendar is just a start. It has clear coloured photographs of 36 different Pirelli figurines, all from my own collection and all identified by their labels. There are, of course, many more than this, but I had to keep some for my book and for next year's calendar!

There aren't many of these Pirelli Glass Calendars - in fact there are only fifteen of them for sale. So if you are a Pirelli collector or dealer, or you have to buy a Christmas present for somebody who is, if you order one now I will get it to you for Christmas. Go to

There is another thing. By buying a Pirelli Calendar you will be supporting the Glass Messages Board, because the money you pay will help towards the costs of operating this website which I pay for.

Hope you like the idea

Any cats in that calendar? ;D

I've ordered mine!  :)

Angela, does your Goofy have an ear missing?

I think it's a fab idea!!!

Angela B:
Hi Wolkenreb,
Many thanks for your order - I'll get your calendar posted today. Goofy doesn't have an ear missing - its hanging down behind his neck. There's another picture inside the calendar from a different angle showing the two ears! I'm sure you'll enjoy the calendar. Good luck with your collecting.
Kevh - the only cats in this calendar are Pirelli Glass cats. They're a lot cheaper to look after!

Millions of thanks for your support


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