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I need some help with some glass vases i bought. ID = Azerbaijan Glassware

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Hi i'm new to this board and i need some help.

I just got hold of some great looking glass vases or bowls not sure what you'll call them, they are very bright in colour and large, they have both got pontil marks on the base.

I would like if anyone could tell me what they are and the age and even where they come from. I have been told they could be italian but i am not sure, any help would be great.

Welcome to the board.

We always like to see a photo of the base, as the way items are finished, especially the style of any pontil mark, can be a very useful clue to identity.

I have three similar vases. I bought them from a stall in Camden Town between 2002-2005. They had loads of them(brand new) in different colours. As I was possibly hungover at the time of purchasing, I don't really remember much else, sorry lol


Hi thanks for the replays, I will upload photos of the base asap. Just to add these where sold to me by a lady who is moving to france in the next few months and she told me she has had these  since the 1980 and she bought them at a antique market in greenwich, if that helps anyone.


Hi sorry for the delay in uploading the photo, but here it is. All i need to know is where it was made "Which country" and maybe what year.

A friend of mine said he thinks it could be from the 1970's but from where he guessed italy? but not 100% sure. Any idea's would be greatful.



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