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Butterfly pattern trinket trays not Bagley 3003. Any ideas?


A trio of pink pressed glass trays (one large and two small) in the form of butterflies. The large one is 24cm x 18cm, and the smaller ones 14cm x 11.5cm.

(Permission for the re-use of this image on GMB granted by smartnothard111).

At first glance I thought they were from the Bagley 3003 set discussed in previous threads at,3980.msg273787.html#msg273787
but it became evident quite quickly that they differ in significant detail from the Bagley pieces.

Has anyone seen these pieces in other colours, or other pieces that might form a trinket et?

Any ideas as to manufacturer?

Ooooerrrr.... No I've never seen those before Fred.  I wonder if they are trinket set pieces or nibbles type table dishes?

I've found the large tray (in green) on Pamela's site at

Pamela identifies it as by Schreiber & Neffen, page 72 of their 1925 catalogue as pattern  #6950.

There is a 1925 musterbuch on
but it doesn't seem to be an illustrated catalogue.

Does anyone have a link to an illustrated 1925 catalogue, please, or is anyone able to check the pattern numbers of the small trays, and if there are any related 'trinket set' pieces in the catalogue?


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