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Info on Steuben vase pls


Hi, can some give any info on this Steuben vase pls, sorry its dirty inside and needs a proper clean.
It is dark green, 10" tall, has a ground pontil which is signed Steuben.
Im not familiar with this type of Steuben glassware, is it uncommon? any details most appreciated, regards Wolfie

My one book on Steuben has an amber version with the name 'Russian Amber Vase' shape number 7671,height 10 inches,that's all I'm afraid, ::) ;D ;D

Thanks Keith, any date to that? looks kinda early Steuben? cheers Wolfie

Had another look in the book and no help,it has a series of reference numbers relating to their design books but no dates.The Corning museum would probably be able to help,they are quite approachable, ;D ;D

flying free:
they are very helpful, or at least they were to me when I sent an enquiry.  Lovely.


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