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is this a Monart colourway please? - ID = Monart

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flying free:

link to someone else's seems to have little bits of mica scattered around all over the vase but I couldn't see this colour on Frank's site.  The vase shape is right btw. (well, I think it is  :-\  )

The link provided only shows the bottom half of the vase and is not possible to identify the colourway or shape code.

flying free:
the shape code seems to be MF  and the whole vase is like that - no added whorls or colours at the top or anything.  It's a mottled ambery bubbly decor with tiny mica flakes all over I think.
That's the problem I'm having trying to id the colour  as on the Monart colours page I can only see a section picture with a section of decor/colour rather than the whole piece. I suppose my question is, did Monart do a colour like this where the whole piece was this decor?  I'm fairly confident the shape is MF but I had pondered possibly Stevens and Williams.
I'm pretty certain it has mica flakes all over it, but in the description the owner has not mentioned this at all unfortunately.
thanks for looking 
m :)

flying free:
Gary this is the link to the vase.
Seller relisted it as Stourbridge - therefore possibly not Monart.  It reminds me of some Stevens and Williams vases which is why I'm asking but not the mica flakes which it looks like there are.
thanks for any thoughts though.

It doesn't say anything to me, flying-free. I don't think I would have considered Monart.


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