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is this a Monart colourway please? - ID = Monart

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flying free:
more pics

Looking much more Monarty now!
I've got my coffee and e-fag, just waiting for those who know to comment now...

nigel benson:
Well, I for one think you're right. Certainly you're comparison of the two pieces together is quite compelling  :)

Very unusual base, but not impossible......well 'you've' got it ;) :)

Better disregard my comments in my previous post methinks ??? :-[


Edit - PS. Much better photos than on the earlier links, N.

flying free:
ooh thank you both  :-*
yes Nigel, I couldn't work it out either and didn't ask for a base pic because I just thought it looked a bit special - always a gamble lol as I've had plenty turn up , bought on that basis, that turned out not to be special at all.  It's a difficult one to photograph and his pics did not show it off at it's best,  which is why I thought the little darker splashes were flakes of mica on the close up.  But he described it as pinky and I know aventurine shows up badly in photographs and often gives off a pinkish look, so I took a gamble.  Very glad I did. 

Is it a rare colourway then perhaps? (she says all excited just in case) I've been through Frank's site with a fine toothcomb and cannot find anything similar.  I can find (and I have one piece with) the aventurine and bubbles in various pieces, but only in combination with colour and decoration of some sort.
I'm so happy about this piece  ;D - I love the shape and pleased to have something a bit 'different'.
I don't have anything in this colour for my 20s/30s collection, so it's just perfect in every way  :)

 ;) She's good, isn't she? Nigel!


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