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is this a Monart colourway please? - ID = Monart

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I do not think it is despite the similarities. can you mail me bigger pics

flying free:
Sending now.  Thanks for looking.
Am also attaching here a picture of  a Monart posy vase I have that has a polished completely flat base with an finely ground unpolished oddly shaped pontil mark on it, for comparison.

flying free:
Hi Frank,did the photos go through ok?

Hi flying free below is a link to my collection of Monart pieces with polished out pontils. Monart used this type of finish on all types of ware (ie applied feet, shaped feet and regular vase and bowls).
I have no great problem with the type of pontil finish or shape of your vase it is the colour scheme that I have my doubts.

Whew! I was pretty sure the pontil mark was fine and that I've seen the double roundel on Monart before.


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