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is this a Monart colourway please? - ID = Monart

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 :) Frank, I think flying-free is slightly concerned that she no longer has a collection of "Monart", but of Ysart seconds from the Monart period.
I've never heard of a piece of Monart not being Monart when it's from the correct period, on the grounds of the base finish being different...

This is the (proper) base finish on my Monart miniature.

But her questions were looking for a definitive answer and I went, perhaps unthinkingly, down that path which has ended up being misleading as there are no definitive paths at that level of detail in Ysart glass.

ok, so can I ask for your personal opinion on the matter, Frank? Do you consider that flying-free has Monart glass?
I do.  8)


Hi flying free, the link below gives an indication of the wide variation of Monart base finishes, I have not included any images of applied footed pieces.


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