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is this a Monart colourway please? - ID = Monart

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flying free:
no, I did wonder S&W (or Czech with the mica flakes in)  However the shape is very similar to a Monart vase I have and that's what they listed it as originally, so I just thought I'd ask...  I think they must have been told not Monart as it was relisted after being sold.

Thanks Sue

nigel benson:
Well, we've photos of S&W of this shape in the archives, so I'd likely go with that, although I can't say that I've seen the colourway before.  Seen in May Green ; 'Mesh'; and in blue and green 'Rainbow' pattern amongst others.

Photos are very poor in order to see the colour and internal decoration properly IMHO.


Hi flying free, I seen the vase on ebay when it was listed as a Monart piece, I had my doubts at the time because of the colourway, though as you say the shape is very similar to the Monart shape MF.

flying free:
Thank you Nigel and Gary.
Nigel, I'd thought it looked similar but didn't recognise the colourway and also the base looked narrower than I thought it should be. But then this (see link) was the one I was looking at and the size didn't seem right -

Am I  looking at the wrong shape?
And then couldn't find it as a Monart colour either.  It looks quite S&W at the rim with the thickness of the glass.  When I asked the seller he just said he was told it was a Stourbridge vase.

flying free:
Well I did buy it. It arrived today.  And I am 99.99% sure it's Monart. If it's not, I'll eat my lunch  ;D.
What I thought was mica is in fact masses of gold aventurine/copper aventurine - completely smothered in aventurine and random bubbles which is why it's so incredibly difficult to photograph - it looks amazing under artifical lighting.
Not cased, has an internal layer then a layer of bubbles I think, then a layer of aventurine in amber.  The base is a little strange, polished flat but the pontil mark is fine ground twice making a figure of eight.  And it's a bit thicker than my other Monart in the same shape.
Still, I'm sure in my bones it's Monart.  What do you all think and what colour way would it be?
I'll add a few more pics below of the close ups.


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