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ID Help - Possible St Mande Paperweight


The links are to a little weight, 2 1/16" dia x 1 3/16" high, I think could be a St Mande.  Restoration was done by George Kulles and he was unsure but said that St Mande was a possibility.  I would welcome any other opinions.   Top view   Side view   Bottom view

Thank you,

Only just spotted this thread - sorry, been busy quilting!   :roll:

This does have a look of St Mande about it.  The blue canes in particular.  

But no way would I call myself an expert on St Mande!   :shock:  I have two little weights which have been identified as St Mande, and I have examined them in detail and researched everything I could find out about St Mande canes, but expert?  Not by a long way!   :shock:  :roll:  :lol:


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