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Help ID this uranium Vase Not baccarat?

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Can any one please help ID this vase . I think i have seen similar on one of my reference sites but can not find it.But that one had a black rim and was Baccarat . I am not saying this is ,just that was the nearest i could find to it. It is Uranium stands 118mm tall ,and 134mm, across the rim. It has a polished pontal mark and some wear to the base. Thank you  :)

Are you sure it's uranium? Have you tested it with a UV light?

Hi Christine
Yes but it dos not show up on the camera and is more yellowish than green.

If the glow is yellowish, then it's not uranium. It has to be bright green.

Paul S.:
might this be another possible Baccarat opaline piece.......  it has a similarity to the small jug here...,50027.msg284131.html#msg284131


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