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Vase with internal vertical ribbing, WF?

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Retro Mojo UK:
Hi All,

Could this be WF?

Brown Aubergine vase/glass cased in clear, 150mm tall, smooth base, internal vertical optic ribbing

Please no insults if I'm way off  :)


Looks fairly modern to my eyes, wouldn't have thought Whitefriars was a contender, sorry. See what others think.....

Do you have a picture of the internal ribbing and one of the rim..?

Retro Mojo UK:

I tried to photograph the ribbing but it doesn't show, it's very similar to WF's vase with optic ribbing


Paul S.:
hello Retro  -  were you suggesting this kind of optic ribbing...,27308.msg149538.html#msg149538...     or did you have in mind the wave/swag type of effect.

I sincerely hope no one here would insult you if you were wrong :)

Paul S.:
meant to say that I'd agree with Greg  -  this looks modern and not Whitefriars.


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