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12 Amber glass 'ice cream' spoons

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Can anyone help with the identification of this gorgeous set of 12 amber & flint glass spoons please. :) I was hoping there would be some kind of identification on the original padded case but there is nothing.

Oh Angela... they are beautiful...truly beautiful!  Wherever did you find those? 
I collect glass knife rests (art deco ones) and porcelain spoons,  but your's are Soooo special.

Oh, I have gone all faint...I'll see if I can find any info in the glass tableware info I have.
Rosie.  :)

I wonder if they might be Czechoslovakian glass? 

Hi ,
          Could they possibly be caviar spoons ,glass and shell were the preferred spoons for caviar I believe.Knowing the size would help I think

   cheers ,

The bowl is quite small that's why I thought ice cream spoons but  I will measure them and let you know.
I found them on ebay and they are lovely ! ;D


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