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Old Vaseline Glass 2 Different Opinions from CMOG and MMA Need Opinions

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I have received two different opinions on where this piece may have been made.  The Corning Museums is leaning towards Bohemian and the Metropolitan Museum of Art is saying English.  Both agree that its mid 19th Century.  The piece is 7 7/8-inches tall (20cm).  Optic, hand blown from a mold (I think), fluoresces a bright neon green, it's painted enamel.  Any thoughts or opinions will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

Bohemia seems most likely IMHO and nearer late 19th than mid. The fleur de lys things look like they should have gilding over the yellow. Yellow seems to be the foundation of choice under Bohemian raised gilding in my experience

Hi Lustrousstone, you are correct there was gold gilding but it a lot has worn off.  So any avenues I should be researching in the Bohemia glass works spectrum?

From enamel technology alone I would say 1890s Bohemian.

Paul S.:
very attractive Nancy - and my congratulations on the quality of your pix. :)


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