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Pressed glass jug RD 791399 (1934) ID = Libochovice

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Pressed glass jug RD 791399 (1934) precise registration details, please?

A clear pressed glass patterned jug on four tiny feet. 10.5cm high. Raised RD number 791399 for late March 1934.

(Permission for the re-use of this image on GMB granted by Martin Bunn).

Not on

The owner has double checked the number in case of a mis-read.

Is the RD number in the blue book? If so, could someone tell me the precise registration details, please?

RD 791399  = Hoskins Rose & Co, 22.3.1934. :) Source: Blue Book

Thank you for your swift and informative reply, Anne.

So, yet another 'missing' Hoskins, Rose & Co. registration run to ground.

I strongly suspected that, if the regsistration number was in the Blue Book,  that they (or another importer) may well have been the registrants because... I've now checked the pre-1958 Libochovice catalogue on Marcus Newhall's Sklo Union CD-ROM and, surprise!, the jug appears on page 38 as pattern number 1498.

I will lodge the photo and details on the GMB RD numbers database shortly.

Is this another case for transferring the topic to the GMB Czech etc. section for posterity?

Paul S.:
some additional images from TNA today - and another item originally registered as CLASS IV.

Amusing to see the following snippet which I discovered during a recent look through the Kew records relating to the various Board of Trade  CLASSES of materials  -  and although this is way before the period covered by the Blue Book (1908 - 1945) no doubt the habit persisted, and is quite possibly the reason that C20 glass items are missing from the Blue Book.

"From 1842 to 1883 the representations were filed according to their 'material classification' (what they were made of - see the classification table below).          The clerks sometimes placed items in the wrong material class, so that a book binding may be mis-filed as a carpet (as was BT 50/52 design 38781)."

Thank you very much for your help once again, Paul.

Nice to see the original registration drawings and other details.


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